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Fresh water exists in the atmosphere by means of the sun's radiation (energy) striking the oceans of the planet. This creates fresh water vapor that rises into the atmosphere. also known as humidity. When humid air passes through an air-to-water machine, it is chilled to its dew point. This changes the water vapor into liquid water, which can then be harvested for drinking.

Our current 6,000 Btu air-to-water machine is able to harvest 75% of the water vapor that passes through the unit. The more humidity, the more water can be collected, which is why our air-to-water machines work well at higher humidity and temperatures.

Hope Waterworks 6000 Btu (1/2-Ton)
Air to Water Machine

6000 Btu Harvest & Cost Per Liter Charts

Group 553.png
Hope Waterworks 6000 Btu (1/2-Ton)
Air to Water Machine
Group 551.png
Hope Waterworks 6000 Btu (1/2-Ton)
Air to Water Machine


  • Hope Waterworks algorithem calaculates water harvest amounts by weight and are accuret to ± 2%.

  • Water Harvest Chart Were Verified Through Years of Out Door Field Testing.

Current Delivery Time 6000 Btu Unit:

  • Currently there is an 8-12 week build time.

  • Delivery time is dependent on location of delivery.

  • Call for details.

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