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Our Story

The idea behind HopeWaterworks began in September, 2017 when our founder, Shaun Sullivan, was working on an environmental control (a/c) unit for an Abrams Battle Tank as part of a project for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). He was asked for a solution to the lack of clean drinking water in Atlanta, Georgia. At that time, Atlanta had only a few weeks of fresh water left before they would run out. Fortunately, it rained in Atlanta just after the help request was sent, and the impending emergency was averted.

However, this got him looking into the global fresh water needs, and he found there to be a large shortage of fresh water. Due to the global demand for clean water, he continued to develop the air to water machine, building multiple prototypes, refining the technology, and acquiring a patent for the technology. After years of development, our current pre-production prototype has achieved and surpassed all the mission goals. 


In the summer of 2020, we began preparing to introduce our air-to-water technology to the public. We - or, rather, Shaun's daughter Katie - came up with the name "Hope Waterworks" to reflect our vision of improving lives by bringing clean drinking water to as many people as we can

Our Team

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